KINERGy healing

Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything.
 Your body reflects your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours & emotions and so emotional stress is stored and reflected in your body. Kinesiology can reduce stress, increase energy, alleviate pain and support new behaviours that improve health, well-being and vitality on all levels – Mind, Body & Soul. With Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude – Denise Robinson, By The Bay Kinesiology

Heal the imbalances in your Chakras, Auras, organs, and glands created by your belief systems, emotions & the collective to boost your immunity, and optimize your well-being and productivity.

Kinesiology is a unique health modality that works by dissolving negative patterns, shifting limiting beliefs and clearing physical, mental and emotional stress to bring the body into a state of equilibrium, creating more energy and motivation to build your spirit, so you can nurture and attend to build your best life.


Kinergy uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and healing energy to help identify and release pain and stress from the body by locating and correcting emotional and metaphysical causes of disease..

Developed in 1991 by Phillip Rafferty (a Melbourne-based kinesiologist), it has been taught worldwide and has helped many people who suffer from, amongst other ailments:

Kinergy is an incredibly versatile tool and comprehensive healing modality, which has the power to transform every aspect of your health & life. It is a specific branch of Kinesiology, which combines both kinesiology and energy healing ( a bit like reiki)  and works to identify, correct and release the emotional and metaphysical causes of pain and disease.

As with other Kinesiology systems, Kinergy uses neurological biofeedback via muscle monitoring, to pinpoint structural, biochemical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual areas of stress, imbalance, or dysfunction of the body’s energy systems. By accessing the cause of these imbalances and working with healing energy to clear them at the deepest level, this brings about profound, lasting change to our energetic and physical being.

Kinergy helps you get to the root cause of your problems (e.g. self sabotage, fear based memory blocks, illness) and gain an understanding of what is going on inside your mind and body so it can be released and processed on a conscious and unconscious level.

Past hurts and traumas (such as family/relationship breakups, deaths, accidents and loss to name a few) can cause negative physical, mental and emotional blockages, which are suppressed and profoundly affect us, and our health. Kinergetics is a direct yet gentle way to identify and tap into these suppressions. It is a tool used to unravel old negative patterns, sabotages, belief systems and blockages, in order to make the changes required to bring us forward into a secure, open, present and positive state of health, happiness and being.


Kinergetics is a fast, painless, non-invasive modality that has been proven to be incredibly effective in helping a wide range of problems including:

Identifying limiting core beliefs and areas of self sabotage which are preventing you from moving forward and succeeding in life in areas such as professionsal career, weight loss, finances, relationships to name a few

Assisting in the elimination and detoxification of toxins and heavy metals from the body whether it be from mercury exposure from dental work (amalgam fillings) environmental factors, skin products, food.

Improving general hydration and the bodies ability to utilise and assimilate water, which assists the body in the process of detoxification and blood cleansing

At a deeper level, it can be used to identify and clear stresses in the body, which are often the causes of physical manifestations of illness/dis-ease.



In a standard Kinergetics session, the practitioner will use muscle monitoring to establish the priority imbalance/issue that needs to be worked on. The client, fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The practitioner may conduct tests of muscles in relation to meridian points, the body’s reaction to homeopathic vials of toxins, heavy metals, minerals etc. The client may be required to talk/think about past traumas, stress, areas of self sabotage, self limiting beliefs, illness/pain in the body and access different physical points while the practitioner uses muscle monitoring and performs corrections to balance the body’s energy. A full treatment usually runs for 90 minutes


Each person’s experience will vary individually and each time you have it done. Some experiences may include: