Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Kinergyphysio offers the best sports medicine services. Our sports medicine practice provides comprehensive medical care for the entire athlete, from the high school athlete to the professional. Sports medicine physicians, including our staff, are trained to diagnose and treat conditions that are specific to the high-risk athlete, such as head, knee, or elbow injuries. We also provide physical therapy and post-surgical care for patients who have recently been injured.

Kinergyphysio’s sports medicine program offers a full range of sports medicine services. These services include pre-participation physicals, sports physicals, post-injury evaluations and treatment, and sports physicals for athletes involved in community sports programs. Injury prevention is key to reducing rates of participation-related injuries, and the sports medicine physician should be the first to evaluate these risks in the active player.

Sports Medicine is a broad term encompassing many diverse areas of healthcare related to sports and athletic activity and the health and safety of athletes. It has evolved from athletic training and continues to be an integral part of the training and preparation of athletes, providing preventive care for the athlete and the treatment of sports-related injuries

The main goal of a sports physician is to help an athlete stay healthy and safe through optimal conditioning, good nutrition, and proper technique.  A sports physician should be a complete and multidisciplinary team and should include doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

The need for an appropriate mix of all the aforementioned providers in any sports medicine program. Sports medicine experts also believe in the importance of preventive care and screening for potential illnesses and injuries, as well as treating sports-related injuries when they do occur. A sports medicine program that includes preventive care, management, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained in athletic competition and training. A sports medicine program should include a focus on training, education, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and the clinical management of athletic injuries.