When Should You Have a Home Visit?

We would like to talk to you in person about your plan of care so that we may understand your expectations of care. If you have been discharged from your hospital stay or have recently left the hospital, we will try to schedule a home visit within two weeks of discharge or if you were readmitted.

What Will Happen During the Visit?

You will be asked to answer some questions to help us understand your health and how it has been impacted by the hospital stay and surgery. We will ask about your current medications, if you have other health problems and if you have ever had a fall or hip fracture. We will also ask about how your daily life is going now. We will get an idea of how your current physical therapist is working with you and the degree of coordination between your providers. We will ask about your home environment and whether you have any other home support people. We may want to speak to your current home health aide, caregiver or other providers, such as your family or friends.

Home visits are important as they allow us to check on you and see how you are doing in your own home after you leave the hospital. Home visits help us understand what kind of care your providers are providing and how well they are working together.

A home visit gives us the chance to answer questions and hear your comments about our care. The information from your home visit will also help us to plan your care.