Post operative physio care

Post-operative physio care is a form of physiotherapy that works with patients to improve their recovery after surgery.

Why physiotherapy for post-operative patients?

In most cases, the patient’s first visit to a physiotherapist following surgery is a consult that is scheduled around the time of hospital discharge. This allows the patient to have clear expectations about what they can expect during their treatment program, which is helpful for the physiotherapist in developing a treatment plan. The consult can also be the first opportunity to discuss any concerns about their recovery. It is important to make sure you give yourself enough time to talk through any worries about your recovery and any concerns about the process of returning to your home and activities after surgery. This ensures a smooth transition back to their usual activities.

Physiotherapy for post-operative patients includes many of the services typically used for patients following other types of surgery. A physiotherapy consult often involves education, exercises and manual therapy, such as massage, to manage pain and prepare patients for home. Some physiotherapists can also discuss psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.