Stress management

Stress management refers to any approach which helps an individual to manage stress. Stress is the physiological, mental, and emotional reaction that may be experienced by an individual when encountering a threat, a problem, or any other situation for which there are adaptive solutions. Kinergyphysio provides the best stress management therapy.

The general definition of stress management is to improve quality of life through the reduction of stress. Stress management includes techniques to understand and prevent stress, recognize and cope with stress, and cope effectively with stressful situations and life events. Stress management can be either specific to an individual or can focus on the whole person (such as relaxation therapy, physical activity, social support, and diet). The goal of stress management is to help individuals increase their control over their lives and reduce their stress. Stress management techniques can be used as a lifestyle change, a coping skill, or a way of treating other stress-related diseases, such as anxiety and depression.

Stress management therapy

Stress management therapy is the treatment of stressful medical conditions through the use of psychological techniques. The practice is based on the application of various psychological techniques. The specific techniques may vary depending on the underlying cause of the stress.

There is a good evidence base for the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for stress reduction and stress-related symptoms.


Mindfulness is an approach to stress management that uses awareness to help individuals better understand and regulate their reactions to stressors. Mindfulness is an active way of paying attention to the present moment. It is a way of focusing one’s attention on one’s experience in a particular moment or time frame.