Medical Massage

KinergyPhysio provides the best medical massage therapy. Massage therapy is a specialized branch of manual therapy, a medical therapy in which the treatment focuses on musculoskeletal disorders.

 It is now practiced worldwide and it’s estimated to be used forthe treatment of more than many patients each year. Massage has been shown to decrease pain, reduce stress, and help prevent and treat illness. It’s used for the treatment of injuries and health maintenance. Massage has been shown to treat both acute and chronic conditions and it is effective in preventing injury recurrence. Manual therapies are therapies in which the therapist massages and/or manipulates a patient’s tissues to relieve the symptoms of pain, symptoms and injury.

It is recommended that patients receive a combination of massage modalities to assure optimal treatment outcomes. Massage therapists can treat patients of all ages, including children. A massage therapist can administer a specific type of massage, such as a Swedish massage, or administer a treatment modality such as deep tissue therapy or myofascial release technique. A massage therapist may also work with a physician in assessing a patient’s condition and determining the best treatment plan. The scope of practice for a massage therapist is to perform the technique indicated by a physician or other qualified professional.

Massage therapy is a subspecialty of physical therapy (physical therapies are defined as a therapy or treatment in which the principal mechanism of the intervention is the use of mechanical forces; manipulative therapy is the therapy or treatment in which the principal mechanism of the intervention is manipulation, e.g., joint mobilization or movement).

Chronic disease is a disease of duration that can be classified as acute, chronic or persistent. Massage therapy is effective for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.  Chronic disease is any disease or disorder that lasts for a prolonged period. Chronic disease encompasses many conditions and can be acute, chronic or persistent. Examples include fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and chronic back pain. The chronic disease usually manifests with symptoms, which include, but are not limited to, fatigue, pain, weakness, functional limitations and impaired quality of life. Many people with chronic diseases also have other medical and psychiatric disorders.

Chronic pain is described as pain that is present or ongoing for at least six months and which is not limited to acute symptoms. Patients with chronic pain who do not respond to traditional treatments for acute pain or pain management may benefit from complementary and alternative medicine, such as medical massage .